Natasha and Larissa

About Natasha and Larissa

We are two sisters, Natasha & Larissa Payton who love to bring our favourite characters to life through Cosplay. We make all our costumes from scratch and they can take months to make.

The Fable games are a huge reason why we became close as teenagers. There is five years difference between us so we were very different people then but the fable games brought us together with their humor, amazing storylines and open world gaming. You can't go long without one of us calling each other Dumpling or Chicken Chaser. So, it made complete sense to us to cosplay a couple of heroes from Fable Legends. The female characters are fantastic. They all have their own personalities and are strong, interesting and not stereotypes.

Fable legends was amazing fun and was looking wonderful. We can't believe that all this hard work will be soon disappearing. It's such a waste.

Interesting fact about these cosplays winter's hair icicles light up.... This was done by having battery packs worked into the wig.