Yung Hippie's Love for Fable Legends

It is hard to quantify why I've spent 37 and 1/2 days playing this game. Shortly after starting I started meeting fun people to play and sit through the queues with. The game was gorgeous and fun on its own, but it was amplified when you played with others. Even in its infant stage I saw what Legends could be. Especially after trying out NeverWinter. A free to play free roam game that looked like an original Xbox title. I spent many weekdays coming here trying to help improve the game, and prevent them from dumbing it down for the casual base MS wanted to attract. A lot of that time was spent explaining to the ignorant that we were experiencing a small fraction of the game. My free weekends were spent playing as many hours as possible before the session ended. Trying to create and recreate as many bugs as possible while destroying Jay's lobbers. I've been worried for the game as much as I've been excited. Though my play time slowed after the 24/7 beta, I've always had hope problems would be fixed. Even with all the frustrations I've expressed on the forums and in parties. I think mostly I wanted to help get the game where I saw it capable of being and enjoyed being in Albion again. An Albion not stained by the industrial revolution. A land where all a man needed was his crossbow and three fellow adventurers to rid the countryside of evil.