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natbryan2252 Loves Fable

Since I was a young lad on a farm, I grew up with rather lonely with little knowledge of my potential. It was easy for me to believe in magic and chivalry and hope of making a difference.

It was when I was young that I first became a hero and walked the shores of Hook Coast and trained in Oakvale. I learned the strength to pursue the things that made me more capable of improving the world around me. I learned the skills to dream and create beautiful things. I learned to have to will to fight for what I knew in my heart to be good.

I pursued the arts of animation and game design and taught in classes for the creations of worlds in the hopes I would one day work alongside the wondrous people at Lionhead who gave me the games that shaped my passions.

But times got hard and in hard times we make hard decisions. I had to take another job to pay bills and take care of my parents. I took a job where I am still able to help my community and serve good folks with phones and internet in the rural area I now live.

It was lonely when I first moved out here but then Fable Legends was announced and the Strength and the Skill and the Will returned to me. I felt creative again. I picked up guitar and I picked up calligraphy and I picked up jewelry making. I am creating again alongside earning money. Fable has always represented hope in my life.

Lionhead ends the Fable Franchise on April 13, 2016... My 31st birthday. For me, International Fable Day is not a day to feel sad for the loss of a great thing but to find Strength when times are hard, Skill when things seems hopeless, and Will to keep going when the battle looks lost and the end is nigh. Let April 9th be a day to find greatness in all of us.

Thank you everyone that worked so hard on such a beautiful piece of artwork. Thank you Lionhead for bringing me the person I am today.