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My name is Nobbybasspunk and I've been a Fable fan since Fable II. The tv commercial totally hooked me in and then seeing game play footage I knew I was going to be spending a lot of time playing this game. Fable II is the reason I bought an Xbox 360. It got me back into rpgs after being at university. It made me laugh out loud and totally immerse myself in the world. After completing Fable II I bought Fable TLC and was amazed at how deep and rich the original game was. I've played and bought every Fable game since. Loved all of them (including the Journey!).

I was part of the beta from early on and its been amazing to see the game develop from almost nothing to what it is today! Get the game into open beta and you'll see a beautiful game full of lore, different mechanics that are easy to pick up but difficult to master.

I have drawn and created art from an early age and love all types of art, but being part of the beta and seeing the development of the game, as well as speaking to the devs on occasion has meant I've been really inspired with the characters and their stories. I've met some amazing people being part of the beta and have had some outstanding creative collaborations with friends and devs.

Please save this game. Please give it a chance to live and survive. Please let their stories be shared and loved. Please don't take away a well loved franchise and leave the Xbox line up one of standard shooters and driving games.